1 September: Saskia Pieters joins us for her PhD. Welcome!

7 July: In the last months, Alexandra presented our work at the Physical and Chemical Processes of Astrophysical Interest workshop in Corsica, and Jolijn presented at the Lorentz workshop New directions in cold and ultracold chemistry in Leiden, the European Group on Atomic Systems (EGAS) 54 conference in Strasbourg, and the International Symposium on Molecular Beams (ISMB) conference in Crete. It was exciting to share our latest results with the community!

16 May: Jolijn visited the Stedelijk Gymnasium in Nijmegen to give a lecture about our research to high school students. It was great to see many interested students and to answer all their questions!

18 April: Jolijn visited the Sint Ursula school in Horn to give a lecture about our research to high school students. The students also performed a diffraction experiment to determine the resolution of their phones. It was nice to see so many enthusiastic students!


7 November: Barend Vonk joins us for his MSc internship. Welcome!

1 October: We participated in the Open House of the Faculty for the general public! Our department prepared demonstration experiments and Jolijn gave many lab tours.

29 June: Jolijn has been awarded an NWO Open Competition Domain Science-M Grant to perform a research project entitled ‘Deciphering molecular collisions: from molecular billiards to chemical reactions‘! A news item on the IMM website can be found here.

14 May: Jolijn gave a lecture at the Parents Day organised by Marie Curie (the study association of Physics and Astronomy of the Radboud University). Around thirty first-year students and their parents learned about our research and how this relates to courses in the curriculum.

26 March: Jolijn gave lectures at the Open Days for the Bachelor studies Chemistry and Science. Great to tell so many potential students and their parents about what we’re doing!

11 February: Jolijn visited the Raayland College in Venray to give lectures about our research to two classes with high school students. During the lectures, the students also determined the resolutions of their phones using laser pointers. It was a lot of fun!

3 February: Sanne Kusters joins us for her BSc Internship. Welcome!


20 December: Our paper ‘High-Resolution Imaging of C + He Collisions using Zeeman Deceleration and Vacuum-Ultraviolet Detection‘ was published in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters!

Figure 1

6 December: Our paper ‘High-resolution imaging of C + He collisions using Zeeman deceleration and VUV detection‘ can be found on arXiv.

6 November: Jolijn gave lectures and participated in information sessions at the Open Days for the Bachelor study Science. Exciting to see so many potential new students with their parents in the audience!

1 November: Alexandra Tsoukala joins us for her PhD. Welcome!

22 September: Our paper ‘Laser ionisation detection of O(3Pj) atoms in the VUV; application to photodissociation of O2′ was published online in the Oleg Vasyutinskii Festschrift of the Molecular Physics journal!

28 July: Our paper ‘Laser ionization detection of O(3Pj) atoms in the VUV; application to photodissociation of O2′ can be found on arXiv.

22 June: We are hiring a PhD student! Do you want to know what exactly happens with individual molecules and atoms during a chemical reaction? Then this may be the job for you! PhD Candidate: Unravelling Chemical Reactions (ru.nl)

1 June: Jolijn visited the Raayland College Venray to give a lecture for high school students about our research, see here.

8 March: Jolijn received the ‘Radboud Netwerk Vrouwelijke Hooglerarenprijs’ (Radboud Women Professors Network prize) for excellent young female scientists in the category Beta! You can find an interview with her about this here.

21 January: Jolijn was interviewed for an interview series with researchers of the Institute for Molecules and Materials. You can read the interview here.


1 September: Today Jolijn started as assistant professor (tenure track) at the Spectroscopy of Cold Molecules department of the Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. She is very excited about and grateful for this new challenge!