Welcome to the Controlled Chemical Reactions group!

What exactly happens during a chemical reaction? Our aim is to completely understand and, ultimately, fully control chemical reactions on the molecular level. We therefore investigate reactive collisions, in which chemical bonds are broken and new bonds are formed, between individual molecules in the gas phase. We make use of advanced experimental techniques to study these reactions in extremely high detail.

Our group is part of the Spectroscopy of Cold Molecules department within the Institute for Molecules and Materials of the Radboud University.

Latest news

29 June: Jolijn has been awarded an NWO Open Competition Domain Science-M Grant to perform a research project entitled ‘Deciphering molecular collisions: from molecular billiards to chemical reactions‘! A news item on the IMM website can be found here.

4 May: Jolijn gave a lecture at the Parents day organised by Marie Curie (the study association of Physics and Astronomy of the Radboud University). Around thirty first-year students and their parents learned about our research and how this relates to courses in the curriculum.

26 March: Jolijn gave lectures at the Open Days for the Bachelor studies Chemistry and Science. Great to tell so many potential students and their parents about what we’re doing!

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